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1.Special Design: Designed for safe and worry-free play, these boats in a box float with the water as if they are about to capsize. They will eventually float on the water, giving you peace of mind.  
 2.Relaxing Experience: With this boat in a box, you can enjoy the peace of this moment as you observe the rolling boats in the waves, shake the drifting bottle, and let go of your thoughts. This product will help you relax and enjoy the beautiful liquid flow.  
 3.Reliable Material: This boat in a box is made of high-quality material that ensures a clear view of the built-in seawater. The seawater is pure water and vegetable oil, which creates a realistic effect of waves and ripples. The outer layer is made of high-quality acrylic, which is soft, light, and durable.  
 4.Widely Use: This boat in a box is a perfect way to add some nautical charm to any space. You can place it in your bedroom, living room, computer desk or even use it as a dining table setting. It is a charming home décor piece that will make your guests feel like they are on a seaside adventure.  
 5.Best Gift: A boat in a box that will be cherished for years to come. This product is a great for sailing enthusiast, collector, or kid who loves to explore the world of boats. This is a thoughtful and unique gift that will spark joy and creativity in anyone who receives it.  

Escape the worries of the day in our unsinkable boat, designed to keep you afloat even as if they are about to capsize. Enjoy the tranquility of this moment amidst the crystal clarity of the water. Our versatile boat can even be used as a dining table setting! A thoughtful and unique gift for any adventurer in your life.

 Material; Acrylic  

Size: 17.5*6.5*4.3CM/6.89*2.56*1.69IN

Pack List:  

Unsinkable boat*1